Welcome to The Flying Brick

This is the freely-hosted Flying Brick, hopefully home for quite a while. Here, I'll talk about where to find things common to computing, and tell tales about what has happened to me over the years. If you look carefully, you'll notice that the theme around here happens to be computing. And if you've seen my site name (The Flying Brick) or my username (brickviking) in other places, you'll be aware that not only do I maintain this site, I am also involved in the following.

  • Twitter
  • IM (MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Jabber, AOL, AIM)
  • Skype
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  • Email. (Of course!)
  • Software Development
  • Well-known operating systems: Linux, Windows, Solaris and BSD
  • Exotic operating systems (plan 9, A2/Bluebottle, ChromeOS)
  • Blogs - I've got four
  • Flickr - yes, I take photos too
  • Google Wave - trumpeted as the next development
  • Second Life - Viking Threebeards can commonly be found in a reindeer suit
  • OSGrid.org - Viking FlyingBrick often wears a helmet with horns

Further links to information can be found in the menu above.

Meanwhile, I also want to thank 000webhost.com for their services. So far, I've been provided with pretty good service. There is one point I'd make, know your tools, use them. I nearly got locked out of my account, until I figured out what I'd done wrong.